IHS 2021

International Hernia Symposium 2021

As partner of HerniaU learning platform, we will be pleased to have you join us for the 2nd International Hernia Symposium on the 17 - 19 May, 2021.

As in the 1st IHS, we hope this meeting to be a moment of sharing good surgical practice and high level of professional medical education.

Follow the instructions below and prepare to join us for the 2nd Virtual IHS 2021!

How to register:

  • Click the registration button below, which will take you to the Virtual IHS 2021 landing page
  • Alternatively visit https://www.herniau.com/events/virtual-ihs-2021/
  • If you have not previously registered for www.herniaU.com you will be instructed to do so. You will need to be logged in to register for the Virtual IHS 2021
  • Fill in required details fields and validate
  • You will then receive an email confirming registration with your unique URL code to access the virtual broadcast

Saha aidkoum, and have a good symposium.